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With our combined backgrounds, we pride ourselves in being able take complex projects from conception to occupation. We have seen countless times how this expertise under one roof has led to a shortened design development phase and better coordination and communication with the client. This ultimately is reflected in the finished work and the relationships we’ve built.

We also work very closely with several nationally recognized design and planning firms.  We can supply the client with any aspect of the project deemed necessary for a success, from initial design to construction inspections.

Jeff Butler is a fully licensed Professional Engineer in New York State. He worked as a construction manager for 14 years building industrial and residential sites prior to starting Jeffrey T. Butler, P.E., P.C.

Dan Butler is formally trained as an architect and is professionally registered in New York and Connecticut as well as holds his NCARB certification.He specializes in the design and construction management of high end waterfront properties.

Our staff includes very experienced drafting personnel and expeditors.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss the needs of your project and demonstrate how we can contribute our knowledge and expertise to achieve a successful outcome.